Welcome To My World

About Me

Singing (constantly), reading, laughing, dancing (everywhere), working out (sometimes)...

Favourite Music?
Anything I can sing along too.. I love soul on quiet days, but I love R n B and a bit of funky house if I'm ready to party...

Favourite Television Programme?
I don't watch TV, I prefer to read.. Although I am a fan of Tony Soprano and the Wire.

Favourite Food?

Favourite Drink?
LP rose`

Favourite Place?
I adore LA, I did some acting training there, and I loved every minute.. Paris is very beautiful too...

Favourite Beauty Product?
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, I don't leave the house without it. Ever.

What Do You Love Most?
Spending quality time with people I love.. Money can't buy that...

What Is Your Dream Job?
This is my dream job. As cheesy and cliché as it may sound, I was born to perform.. Give me a microphone and put me in front of a camera and I am the happiest little lady in the world...

Who Inspires You?
People who follow their dreams. I have the up most respect for any one who believes in themselves that much that they succeed. No matter what career choice, its a tough world out there, and when you start at the bottom, its a long way to the top.. .

What Is Your Best Feature?
I have little dimples in my cheeks when I smile.. but I highly doubt any one else would say that, haha. Most people would say my bum..

Something Most People Don't Know About You?
I sleep naked...

Who Would You Describe As Beautiful?
Marilyn Monroe

Favourite Quote:
Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do...